Sunday, March 10, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

                              "Challenge 1- Who Am I"

                      Ten People I Would Most Like to Meet- Week of 3/3- 3/8 -

Ten people I would most like to meet, are listed below:

Niall Horan- What does it feel like to be on stage in front of thousands of people?

Harry Styles- What is London like?

Liam Payne- How do you deal with all the screaming fans?

Zayn Malik- How do you maintain communication with your friends and family while on tour?

Louis Tomlinson- How do people react seeing you in a public place?

Demi Lovato- How do you continue to stay strong with all the people out there who don't support you?

Justin Bieber- What is your favorite place to tour?

Austin Mahone- When you are in another country, do you try to learn their language?

Logan Lerman- What inspired you to begin acting?

Emma Watson- Who is your main motivation to continue your acting career? 

What is someone you would like to meet, and why?


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